Our Philosophy                                    lotus

  • The knowledge about how to give birth already exists inside every woman. Women’s bodies were designed to give birth.
  • The nutrition of a pregnant woman has a great impact on the health of her baby from its life as a fetus through adulthood and that breast milk provides optimum nutrition for the newborn baby.
  • A woman will labor the best wherever she feels the safest and most secure. For some that may be a hospital; for others it may mean at home or in an alternative birthing center.
  • Birthing a baby requires integration of the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Birth is one of the greatest challenges life has to offer. It provides an opportunity for personal growth.
  • While a cesarean section can be necessary at times, the current rate is too high.
  • In most cases, VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) is a safer alternative to routine repeat cesareans.
  • Birth Works is a process, not a method.   BirthWorks seeks to facilitate a woman’s or a couple’s personal process in childbearing, not to impart a preconceived method of labor and birth.  There is not one right way to give birth; each birth is unique.
  • A woman in labor deserves an environment in which her privacy, autonomy, and emotional security are protected, and her mobility is encouraged.
  • Expectant parents should have access to information they need about obstetrical procedures. They should participate in decisions regarding the judicious use of obstetrical medications and procedures.
  • A woman’s beliefs influence her birth. Exploring her beliefs heightens self-awareness, serving as a catalyst for positive change.
  • The emotions of a birthing woman have profound effects on the birth outcome. Women must be allowed to express all their birth-related feelings.
  • The practice of Human Values builds character and instills confidence in birth and life.
  • Love is the foundation upon which positive birthing begins, and that one must have love of oneself before being able to love other.

I have trusted my instinct along my journey
 the practice of meditation & awareness incorporated with pregnancy and then the use of the same practices during the actual labor and beyond.
 It brings with it a real advantage to inner knowing - both of yourself and your baby.


New Childbirth Education classes

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I have had the privilege of training with some of the most innovative and experienced experts in the Childbirth world.

We can review which feels right for you....Since there is not one way up the mountain....Some options to consider...

Birth Psychology - APPPAH - introduces you to the world of birth psychology.  Why it matters is explored - learn how thoughts help create reality and how genetics make up only a portion of who you become. Exploring why we do what we do and how our birth may have an effect opens your mind to new awareness. Research has proven that the environment in the womb is our first learning experiences.

Birthworks is a complete education in childbirth. Preconceptionally & pregnant this in depth series explores you and your babies journey and how to make it optimal. Nutrition, values, physiology and anatomy so you will have a greater understanding of just how amazing your body is...
 I offer classes both in North Haledon and Paramus, NJ. 6 Week series or One Day class - whichever you choose rest assured
you will benefit from my experience in homebirth & hospital birth - 
we can discuss options for you...

DONA is the international Doula organization that is the go-to for Birth Doulas. Offering evidence based practices that support and encourage positive labor outcomes.

Calm Birth is a series of three meditations practiced during pregnancy:
- The Practice of Opening
- Womb Breathing
- Giving and Receiving

Which in turn flows into using them in labor helping with each stage of the process.  What a beautiful gift to yourself and your baby -
taking the time each day to focus on the inner-self.

Golden Bridge Prenatal Yogawhich helps you journey inside of yourself to discover your own personal truths and beliefs. Doing the work while pregnant guides your little one in a peaceful and tranquil environment. Postures support movement in labor and birth - open and be free!
From: Introduction to Calm Birth by David Chamberlain, Ph.D.
". . . Calm Birth gives women and birth professionals practical means to improve the quality of childbirth. Like the venerable educational programs inspired by Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, Dr. Fernand Lamaze, and Dr. Robert Bradley, Calm Birth seeks to empower women for natural childbirth and offers ideas and practical methods for them to succeed. Like the previous programs, Calm Birth recognizes the central challenge posed by fear and pain, though its solution is different, and it recognizes the importance of breathing, though it teaches a form of blended breathing into both the energy body and the physical body, reflecting a new vision of childbirth."